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this was my first cardboard sculpture.....24 inches tall....i named it ZEN ......IT inspired me to keep sculpting to Judge Judy!!! — with ZEN at YOGA CLASS.

 My friend Rick who used to own the CROSSROADS CLUB here in santa cruz when DUCKS played there in 77.....found these pictures and sent them to me so now i can share them with you.....enjoy! — with SACRED CHALICE and MIDNIGHT at THE PUBLIC GROUPING.

SACRED CHALICE 24 inches tall.....cardboard and hot glue gun....1994...two secret drawers (stash art!!)........enjoy! — with SACRED CHALICE at the cave of the local ILLUMINATTEE .

This sculpture has three secret drawers in idea of functional art....I call this one MIDNIGHT 20 inches tall....from boxes behind the local liquor store!!

Here is the GODDESS OF EXERCISE ten inches tall ....cardboard and hot glue gun...i really had fun watching JUDGE JUDY and welding pieces of cardboard together!!

in 1994 i spent 6 months making sculptures out of cardboard from boxes.....this is my FERTILITY GODDESS .....or INTERTILITY GODDESS if you keep a condom in her foot tall from cardboard and hot glue gun........enjoy!! — with FERTILITY GODDESS at THE THIRD DIMENSION.